Mohair is an animal fiber, shorn from the Angora Goat, and the word "mohair" comes from the Arabic word mukhayyar, literally meaning 'choice'. Mohair grows approximately 1" every month, and the goats are usually shorn every 6 months.

Mohair is a very versatile fiber, and has many properties not found in any other animal fiber. It is strong and durable, meaning it can be bent and twisted without damaging the fiber. Mohair does not conduct heat, and provides good insulation, even when it is wet. Unlike wool, mohair fibers are smooth, and are thus less irritating to the skin, even for people who are sensitive to wool. This smoothness also means it is easy to dye, and will resist fading. Mohair can be easily bended with many other fibers, allowing for the best properties of both fibers to be used. For instance a mohair/wool blend could have the body and bounce of wool, with the strength, durability and lustre of mohair. And mohair is non-flammable!

Mohair yarn

Yarns are processed in small lots from our fleeces each season.  Most yarns have a small percentage of lamb's wool for extra body. Samples are available. Yarn can be wound into balls for the hand knitter on request.  Average yardage is 850 yd/lb.

Our yarns are available in white and natural colors.

*All weights and yardage are approximate.

Mohair roving

We have a variety of 100% mohair, 100% wool, and blended rovings available at all times

70% natural kid mohair, 30% black romney wool

50% white mohair, 50% black wool.

70% natural brown mohair, 30% fine wool pencil roving

80% white yearling mohair, 20% romney wool pencil roving

Please contact us for a current inventory, price list, or samples.

Mohair fleece

We offer raw (unwashed) white and colored mohair for the handspinner and fiber artist. We have variety of natural colored animals producing lustrous fiber in shades ranging from silver gray to midnight black. White mohair is available in grades from strong ffine in adult, yearling and kid.

*Prices are per pound.  Fleece weights are approximate.  Call or e-mail for availability and fleece samples.

Mohair Hides

We also have several mohair hides available, in both white and natural colored. These are whole hides, and are very soft and luxurious. Please contact us for availability and more information.

Please call or write us at:

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